Growth is about discipline (PART 2: New Client Growth)



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Last time, we tackled a few key ways to add some discipline to your agency's growth efforts, specifically focusing on organic growth, often the lowest hanging fruit and your warmest, most accessible lead pool.

Now we turn our focus to the slightly chillier, less accessible area of New Client Growth. It’s challenging but essential, and needs to be part of your “always on” approach.

Expanding your client base is less about casting a wider net and more about a smarter one, concentrating on areas where your greatest expertise, success, and passions intersect.

Growth is about discipline (PART 2: New Client Growth)

How to tackle? Let’s break it down:

🔍 Identify, Hone and Prioritize Three Target Areas - Dedicate time to refining your understanding of the sectors you have the greatest right to win. Assign internal owners and work closely to find the stories/insights the target will truly care about. Reach out to 2-3 people each week with tidbits of insight. Send emails and connect on LinkedIn, but be thoughtful. The key is personalization; show you’ve done your homework and understand their challenges.

🤝 Network Where Your Targets Are - Approach networking with humility and curiosity. Don’t try to sell off the bat. Find common interest; ask questions and learn something from your conversations. Set a goal to attend at least one networking event (virtual or physical) each month. Smaller events can be powerful, but mix it up with bigger events that draw more senior marketers. For anyone you meet, make sure to follow up within a week to keep the connection fresh.

💪 Expand Your Reach through Partnerships - No matter how capable, agencies rarely “go it alone.” Establish a shortlist of partners you enjoy working with and invest in deepening these relationships. With just a handful of close-knit partners, you can quintuple your access to opportunities. Keep in touch, offer help, make connections, invite them to a networking event. The investment will come back in spades.

📊 Track and Adjust - Finally, keep a detailed record of your outreach efforts, responses received, and conversations through your CRM. And make sure other people on your team are doing the same. If you don’t track it, it didn’t happen. Figure out what’s working and be willing to dial up or down as needed.

Remember, the end goal isn’t just to add names to your client list; it’s to build relationships that can contribute to the sustained growth of your agency. Commit to the long game, and just like with organic growth, consistency and discipline in your approach will pay off over time.

I’d love to hear about what’s working for you—successes, challenges, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Sharing can help strengthen our collective approach to growth.

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